1. I have come up with a plan for my business website/final presentation
  2. I still need to make something with my new solar kit
  3. Unrelatedly, my birthday is in 15 days!

Things to do for my approaching final Week one

  1. buy domain + name it
  2. create map/plan of what the website will entail
    1. Week two

      1. continue to work on Codeacademy
      2. finish the home page

      Week three

      1. Continue to work on codeacademy
      2. finish the next page of the website

      Week four

      1. Finish the next page
      2. Continue to work on codeacademy

      Week five

      1. Contine to work on codeacademy
      2. Finish last webpage
        1. Week six

          1. Test website
          2. Launch it

          Here is an image that shows my plan for laying out my website:


          1. She is golden

          STUFF WE NEED TO DO-3/12/15


          1. Check sound on computer
          2. Think about final
          3. Continue to read book on circuits
          4. send codeacademy screenshot


          1. Check sound on computer
          2. Show up at meeting (10:15, pacific time)
          3. MEETING GOALS

            1. Find out how to reimburse for solar kit
            2. find out date for finals


            (In case anyone was wondering what I'm using)

            1. circuits by the New York Times
            2. HTML and CSS by Jon Duckett
            3. Deluxe Solar Educational Kit Model SK-40 with Training Manual
            4. by Zach Sims
            5. FOR MEETING

              1. Talk About Final(ask Jessica if she plans on being there)
              2. Ask if she knows any books on circuts. If not, request that she tries to find some
              3. SHOW UP
              4. request I use mom's computer
              5. SHARESCREEN
              6. (semi)IMPORTANT STUFF- 3/3/15

                • Meeting (s) now scheduled for Saturdays from 2-4
                • The solar kit (#1) will be purchased
                • I went on a field trip to the Digital Nest, where they teach all-girls classes on computer science
                • my science fair is coming up and I'm doing my project on coding
                • I have checked out two books on circuts and am picking them up on Wednesday

                STUFF WE NEED TO DO-2/27/15


                • read a book on circuts
                • send codeacademy screenshot
                • tell Jessica that I can no longer do Tuesdays (check)
                • WILL STILL BE AVAILABLE ON

                  • All Sunday
                  • Friday till three, then after four
                  • Wednesdays till three thirty
                  • Saturday until twelve
                  • Thursday from one to three thirty


                  • Nothing I know of
                  • STUFF WE NEED TO DO-2/3/15


                    • Create this webpage (check)
                    • look at solar kits (check)
                    • send pictures of codeacademy
                    • look into sketchup (check)
                    • read a book on circuts


                    • Send solar project kits (check)